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yourboyfriend!timaeusTestified [TT] joined chat. ~~ 1 ~~

golgothasTerror [GT] joined chat. ~~ 2 ~~

TT: Hey babe.

GT: Hello hello! I didn't expect to hear much from you today to be honest, thought you would have thrown yourself head first into that new project of yours!

TT: I've been working on it and I decided to take a break and see what you are up to, dear.

GT: Well don't mean to alarm you but I am currently hiding about in an underground cave.

TT: Jesus Christ Jake..

TT: What are you doing down there?

GT: Let's just say that deer are a lot more dangerous then they appear.

GT: Seriously Bambi was way off!!

TT: Did you do something to provoke the deer, Jake?

GT: I was just playing with the little deer babies.

TT: Oi.

TT: Jake, don't touch the baby deer. The mothers are very protective of their young.

GT: Hey! They practically begged me to come over and pet them!!

GT: How was I suppose to know?

GT: I'm not a zoologist!

TT: Want me to come over and shoo them away?

GT: Yes.

GT: Jane already said that she wasn't getting involved.

TT: Jane's smart.

TT: Stay there, I'll be over in a bit, you dork.

GT: Please do it with as much haste as you can!

TT: Yeah, yeah.

GT: Wait, wait, wait.

TT: What?

GT: Deer don't normal eat meat correct?

GT: Yes?

GT: No?

TT: I think they do.

GT: Ah.

TT: Why?

GT: Well that doesn't make my situation any better.

TT: Are you naked or something? Are they gonna chew your ding dong off?

GT: Dirk how wild do you think I am?

GT: I have the decency to put on a pair of shorts and a tank top!

TT: Extremely.

GT: I am slightly offended.

TT: Okay, okay. I'll be over soon, chill.

GT: You know out of all the animals in the forest I never understood why the almighty would choose the deer population to be my enemy today.

GT: Bird? Sure.

GT: Bugs? Okay.

GT: Even a herd of rabbits would have been the usual.

TT: Jake, babe. I love you. But please be quiet. I don't want to crash.

GT: Oh! Right! Sorry! My bad.

GT: Just been in here for a while.

GT: Getting tired of talking to myself.

GT: You run out of conversation topics you know?

TT: Jake.

TT: Quiet.

GT: Consider me mute.

TT: *Dirk pulled into Jake's driveway and parked, getting out and looking around.* Jake? Jaaaaake?

GT: -A head popped up out of a deep hole in the ground.- DIRK YOU HAVE TO BE QUI- -Whispers.- Quiet! They have outstanding hearing!!

TT: *He saw Jake's head pop out of the ground and he started to laugh.*

GT: Hey! No! Don't you dare! This is not funny at all! You try being stuck in a hole for five hours!

TT: *He reduced himself to giggling and snickering before going over to him and reaching out for him.* Gimmie your hands and I'll pulling you up.

GT: What? Have you gone absolutely mad? They're still around Dirk, can't you hear them?

GT: Oh, wait. I bet you can't because you're too busy laughing at my misfortune!

TT: Jake, relax. They aren't gonna hurt me or you. Chill.

GT: The lady deer won't but I can't say the same for the bucks they joined them.

TT: Just gimmie your hands.

GT: Fine. Fine! Don't get all regretful if we have a pair of antlers impaling our bodies!! -Grabs on of his hands and hoists himself out of the hole.-

TT: *Dirk picked the other up bridal style and flashstepped out of the forest, ending up at Jake's front door.* Chill out.

GT: Dirk you underestimate nature.

TT: I know. *He smiled and kissed him.*

GT: -He blushed slightly.- Thanks for coming to bail me out of that situation.

TT: Anything for you. *He said and gently put Jake down.*

GT: Well uh, yes thank you. Next time though they will not get the best of ole Jake English, no they will not I will tell you up front right now!

TT: Alright babe, whatever you say. Do I get a reward for rescuing the princess?

GT: Well if you're referring to me, as the princess I would have to say yes.

TT: Well, what's my reward?

GT: You can choose from two options, a high five or a date to the movies with yours truly.

TT: D'aww, that's it?

GT: Alright, alright the choices aren't good enough for the white knight.

GT: Insert a third option.

TT: A cuddling session and dinner made by yours truly.

GT: No need to show off bucko.

TT: Well, which option?

GT: Third option.

TT: Alright then. Come over whenever, darling.

GT: You got it my good man! Just uh, need to drop off Jade at her boyfriends house first and then make sure he isn't trying to steal her innocence for a hour.

GT: And if he does i'll have to spend another thirty minutes breaking his arms.

TT: Wait, who's Jade dating? That troll kid, right?

GT: Oh yes the who has anger management issues.

GT: Why she would choose him out of all the men out there is beyond me.

TT: Just be careful around him. He and Dave dated and when I came in to see if they wanted dinner, he threw a chair at me. When he isn't mad, Dave said he can be very nice.

GT: Don't worry about me, i'll put that little bastard in his place.

TT: Don't get yourself hurt babe.

GT: Dirk I don't need you to worry over me, I know how to win a fight.

TT: *He blinked a bit behind his shades, eyebrows knitting together.* Alright, alright.

GT: Thank you.

TT: Well, just come over whenever I guess.

GT: I should be at your door before eleven.

TT: *Dirk nodded and pulled his keys out.* See ya soon, Jake.

GT: See you later Dirk!

TT: *He went off to his car and drove off, going back home and continuing on the project.*

GT: -LATER THAT NIGHT. Three knocks come from Dirk's door.-

TT: *He was downstairs in the basement, covering in oil from the robots he was restoring, that was his project. He heard the knocks and gasps.* Oh shit... *He ran upstairs, covered in oil, opening the door.*

GT: -Holds out a bouquet of flowers.- Heeeeeeeyyyyyy... -Sees the oil.- Dirk. I uh, see that it must have slipped your mind that I was coming over tonight, not that it much matters. I suppose I am running a tad bit late, should have uhm came here sooner!

TT: A-Ah, sorry Jake.. *He frowned and bit his lip, taking the flowers.* Thanks for these...

GT: No, no, no don't apologize it's okay! Really! I like the oil, it smells great!

TT: *Dirk's blushed a bit and let the other in.* Just, uh... Let me take a quick shower, okay?

GT: No, yes! Go right on ahead and take as much time as you need. I'll just wait it out until you come back out.

TT: *He put the flowers on the table and raced upstairs, showering and putting on some nice clothes and ran downstairs.*

GT: Woah, that was a record time shower!

TT: I didn't wanna keep you waiting.

GT: Are you kidding? I could have waited all night long! I've been practicing.

TT: *He bit the inside of his cheek.* What do you mean you've been practicing?

GT: I just been waiting around for you the last couple of weeks, I mean not that it's a bad thing! That isn't what i'm saying, but my patience has sky rocketed! That's a positive.

TT: *Dirk frowned a bit, rubbing the back of his neck.* Oh god, Jake.. I'm so so sorry..

GT: Okay I worded it wrong.

GT: I didn't mean to take it that way.

GT: It really isn't as bad as you're making it seem to be!

TT: Still, I'm really sorry I haven't been making time for you.. I kinda feel bad now.

GT: No just forget I even said anything!

GT: Push it out of your mind.

TT: *He bit his lower lip and nodded.* Okay... What do you want for dinner?

GT: I don't know, do you want to make some grilled cheese?

TT: Oh, uh sure. Doesn't matter to me what we have.. Want some wine too or no? Cause I picked some up on the way home.

GT: Yeah sure! I never had wine with grilled cheese but I can't knock it before I try it!

TT: *He chuckled a bit and went into the kitchen, getting the cheese and bread.*

GT: -Followed him.- So what were you working on?

TT: Just restoring some old robots I found in the basement.

GT: Coolio, say speaking of robots have you seen any sign of brobot lately?

TT: I have not. How come?

GT: I haven't seen him in a day or two.

TT: He might be just relaxing and recharging.

GT: Maybe you have a point, just get a little nervous when I don't see him hanging around is all.

TT: *Dirk chuckled and started to cook.* He won't hurt you if he's charging.

GT: I'm just saying, don't need him jumping out at the wrong person and give them a fatal heart attack.

TT: Oh, he won't. He isn't programmed to do that.

GT: Well some of your creations tend to do what they aren't programmed to do.

TT: Yeah, I know, don't rub it in.

GT: Hey I can't do much better.

TT: *Dirk soon finished and put one on a plate for Jake and one on a plate for himself.*

TT: Do you want wine or scotch?

GT: Are you trying to get me black out drunk?

TT: What? No!

GT: Just pushing your buttons Strider, I think i'll stick with the wine.

TT: *He huffed and gave the other his sandwich and grabbed the bottle from the fridge.*

GT: -Takes a few bites out of his sandwich.-

TT: Is it good?

GT: It may just be the best grilled cheese I have ever eaten, an A plus plus to you.

TT: Ah, thank you. I went to school in grilled cheese making.

GT: Boy howdy, I hear that is a tough school to get into.

TT: *Dirk snorted and popped the bottle and poured a glass for Jake and Himself.* 

GT: -Sips at the wine.- So...what have you been up to today? Anything interesting?

TT: *He took a couple bites of his own sandwich.* Robots

GT: Figured.

TT: *He chuckled and nodded.* Yup. Thanks for the flowers, they're beautiful.

GT: I'll have to tell the angry little man that is Karkat that you said that.

TT: What do you mean?

GT: I sort of took a few out of his front yard.

TT: Real smooth Jake.

GT: What? He threw a shoe at me!

TT: *He chuckled and ran his fingers through Jake's hair, sipping his wine.

GT: You were right, he is a handful.

TT: Mmhh~

GT: Do you think that we're going to be at eachother's throats for as long as him and Jade are together?

GT: I don't think I can handle that many headaches!

TT: What do you mean? We barely fight.

GT: I was talking about Karkat and I.

GT: Why did you think I was talking about us?

TT: *He shook his head and rubbed his eyes.* Sorry, I'm still tired from the oil and robots and such. And I don't think so.

GT: Do you want to go to bed?

TT: With you, hell yeah.

GT: I mean it is almost midnight, some sleep would do us both some good.

TT: I... didn't mean like that, but yeah, I guess.

GT: Oh, I mean I would love to do that with you it's just i'm not in the mood.

TT: Oh, ah. I see, well, I won't force you.

GT: Yeah no, I wasn't afraid of you trying to do anything like that!

TT: Good. *He chuckled and kept sipping his wine, until the glass was empty.*

GT: Boy you must have been thirsty!

TT: I haven't had anything to drink and over an hour. *He chuckled.*

GT: Pfff, you need to make sure you get some water in you. Going to dry yourself from the inside out!

TT: *He chuckled and picked Jake up and held him close.*

GT: Picking me up all the time, I think I understand how you got so strong now!

TT: Well, you're not heavy.

GT: I should be with all these...MUSCLES!

TT: *He blushed a bit and carried Jake upstairs.*

GT: I didn't bring any pajamas with me, in hindsight it would have been more wise to dress in something more casual.

TT: You can just sleep in your boxers like I do when guests come over. I usually sleep naked.

GT: Huh, would have never taken you for that type.

TT: *He laid the other down on the bed and pulled off his clothes.*


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