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timaeusTestified [TT] joined chat. ~~ 1 ~~

Calling you!golgothasTerror [GT] joined chat. ~~ 2 ~~

GT: -Ring ring ring-

TT: *Dirk picked up his phone as he heard it ring, checking the caller I.D. and noticing it was Jake. He answered it immediately* Hello?

GT: Hey Strider, I know that it must be mighty late right now I wouldn't know I broke my wristwatch but do you think you could maybe, perhaps run down to the police station on elder road and bail me out?

TT: Police station? What the Hell did you get yourself into, English?

GT: They thought that I was trying to rob one of the gas stations down here just because I had my pistols on me, can you believe that malarky?? Me? Planning a robbery? City people are too high wired if you ask me.

TT: Jake, I already told you, you can't go walking around with your guns blaring.

TT: People get paranoid around here.

TT: And there's a reason you're permitted to carry *concealed*

GT: Excuse them but don't they know that the world is a dangerous place?

GT: What if some ruffian tried to have my head, what would I do without them?

GT: Probably just get out my hunting knife, but you know what I mean.

TT: Jake, you can carry them.

TT: Just not for the world to see.

TT: Yes, they do know the world is a dangerous place.

TT: Hence why they were scared of your guns

GT: I'm telling you they don't know a criminal when they see one.

GT: Anyways, do you think that you could help me out of this pickle?

GT: There's this guy bunking with me and he makes me all kinds of uncormfortable!

TT: 'Course. Gimme a few and I'll be down there, guns blazing.

TT: Of course not literally, but you know what I mean.

TT: Just don't drop the soap in the meantime.

GT: Oh aren't you the funny one.

TT: I like to think I have a good sense of humor, yes.

TT: I'll be down in a bit. Don't rob anybody.

GT: If I get assaulted i'm blaming it on your dark sense of humor, Strider. -Voices in the background.- Yes i'm fully aware that it's been over two minutes, do you think that you can hold your horses? Oh cool is that a tazer? Think that I coul- AHHH!! -Several seconds later a new voice comes on.- Come get your friend. He's more trouble than he's worth.

TT: *Dirk sighed, getting dressed before heading down to the police station, walking in* Yeah, I'm here to get Jake English? Aka, Lara Croft's moronic twin brother.

GT: -One of the guards gets up and unlocks one of the holding cells.- English, your bail's here.

TT: *He ran a hand through his hair as he waited for Jake to come out, having neglected to style it before he left*

GT: -He comes out, giving the guard a dirty look and presses his hand against his neck where the tazer mark is shown.-

TT: *Dirk winced a bit at the sight* Aren't you a sight for sore eyes? *He tried, paying the bail* Maybe next time you'll deign to leave your guns at home?

GT: If those coppers think that they got the best of me then they're dead wrong! I'll tote around any weapon I damn well please!

TT: Wanna keep the radical declaration to yourself until we're out of earshot of said cops? *He hissed a bit, taking him by the arm*

GT: This is America, I thought I had the right to a freedom of speech and NOT BEING TAZERED FOR NO GOD DAMN REASON!

TT: Jacob English *He barked* We are going home. Now.

TT: Be lucky they didn't just shoot your ass. They tend to do that shit for no reason nowadays

GT: Shady little fuckers. When did the justice system get so corrupt?!

TT: When was America founded? *He returned, taking Jake's hand as they left the station*

GT: -Kicks the ground, and grips Dirk's hand.- They took my favorite pocket knife.

TT: We

TT: We'll get you another *He promised*

GT: Doesn't have the same sentimental value to it though.

TT: Regardless. I'm just glad you're okay. Like I said, cops like to shoot first, ask questions later. Namely when they're on paid leave for said shooting.

GT: I should have put up more of a fight with them, they treated me like I was the scum of the earth!

TT: *He gently ran his thumb across Jake's knuckles* No, you shouldn't have. What am I supposed to do if you get hurt?

GT: Bury me under the shadiest tree on my island and write something rad on my tombstone?

TT: No. Write something shitty on your headstone out of spite 'cause you had to go play Rambo.

GT: And what's wrong with playing the part of Rambo? He's a badass!

TT: He's also a fictional character, Jake *His voice raised a bit* You're not!

TT: You are a mortal creature with a very obvious death wish, the way you get yourself into trouble.

GT: I was just kidding around, Dirk. You know that I wouldn't do that, i'm just talking out of anger.

GT: I didn't even get myself into trouble this time, not on purpose at least.

TT: I know, I know. I can't help but worry after you. You're my little hazard waiting to happen *He said affectionately*

GT: I don't know whether to say aw or to take a little offense to that.

TT: A little bit of both was my intention *He smirked*

GT: Then I was feeling the right thing, sorry for giving you a scare.

GT: If it makes you feel better I didn't take up that guys offer when he wanted to get physical with me.

TT: Good. I would have gotten jealous *He nudged Jake a bit* I'm just glad you're okay, save for the electric hicky on your neck.

GT: I don't ever want to see another tazer again, I dropped like a sack of potatoes.

TT: *He suddenly pulled Jake into a hug, wordlessly*

GT: Hey, it's alright. I'm alright. -Hugs him back, petting the back of his head.- Only got a few spasms and then I was good to go.

TT: *He shook his head* You're such a dork *He teased with a sullen laugh*

GT: And you're such a worry wort!

TT: I can't help it *He asserted, pulling away and giving Jake one of his rare true smiles* I've got a troublemaker to worry over 24/7. It becomes a habit.

GT: You sound like my grandmother, Strider. Watch yourself I think i'm starting to see you sprouting some gray hairs.

TT: Am not *He protested, a hand moving to his unkempt hair* Speaking of hair, though, I need to brush it. *He tucked some of it behind his ear*

TT: You get me such a mess, English *He joked with a smirk*

GT: Oh stop it, you know that you look fine whether or not it's sticking out in every direction or not! Come on let me see if I can fix it. -Runs his fingers through the others hair and pats it down the best he can.- There we go, good as new.

TT: *Dirk laughed a bit, running his hand through Jake's hair* You're a hot mess, Jake. Who knew getting arrested would make you so ruggedly handsome *He teased*

TT: I can't tell if you just got out of the slammer or if you just got back from a hike.

GT: Dirk I am always ruggedly handsome, in fact I born handsome. The doctors cried at the sheer beauty of myself.

TT: And humble *He pointed out* As always. Now let's get home. It's late.

GT: You got it, Ace. -Grabs his hand again and they walk into the parking lot, both getting in Dirk's car.-

TT: *He started up the car, pulling out when he glanced over at Jake, a smile on his features* Okay. I think I can believe that.

TT: Doctors crying at your sheer beauty.

GT: Are you trying to get me to kiss you all of the face? Because I think I feel the urge coming on.

TT: I might be. But we may need to wait to get home to do that. I might just swoon at your gentle caress *He smirked*

GT: Yeah, I know. All about road saftey and what not. You know, driving is so weird. Why are there so many buttons in here? And speed limits? What's up with that?

TT: The buttons are for different functions, like air conditioning. Speed limits are to make sure you don't plow through a school zone filled with little babies, leaving nothing but destruction in your wake.

GT: Oh. What's a school zone exactly?

TT: Stretches of street that are near a school. The speed limit is reduced there so you don't run over a bunch of toddlers on your way to Starbucks.

GT: City life is a lot more different then in the movies. I never expected it to be so restricting, you can't even fish in the ponds here.

TT: Yeah, it's a lot different than I'd think you'd be used to. But always take what you see in media with a grain of salt. Believe half of what you see, none of what you hear.

GT: I don't know, I mean I thought that I was ready to live here for an extended period of time but it's only been four months and i'm already getting homesick.

TT: *Dirk frowned a bit* That's to be expected, isn't it?

GT: I don't know, I never left my island before.

TT: *He reached over, taking Jake's hand* Like I said *He tried gently* This is just a bit of a trial run. If you don't like it, you don't have to stay. *Despite this, his grip on Jake's hand tightened a bit, almost afraid to let go*

GT: I'm giving it the best I got, but it's like no matter what I do I get in trouble with the authorities, I think that they'll end up kicking me out of the country before I even decide what I want to do!

GT: I want to stay around you and Jane and Roxy but I doubt that any of you would want to come back with me when you all have a life of your own here.

TT: I won't say I haven't thought about it. *He conceded*

GT: Yes but we both know how it would go if you did, you would get homesick yourself and then I wouldn't have a choice to let you go home.

TT: What would I miss? The crowded streets, constant sirens.

TT: I would miss you, moreso. If you were to go.

GT: You know you would miss your friends and your brother and the fact that you won't get chased down by a creature unknown to the rest of the world every other day.

TT: Well *He began* Of course. But you miss your home. Your aforementioned creatures.

GT: Even though most of them try to kill me for the sake of food I still have a sort of soft spot for them.

TT: What I'm saying is, you were willing to sacrifice that for me. And I'm willing to do the same *He gave a reassuring smile*

GT: I don't want you to sacrifice your future though.

TT: What future? Linger in a dead end job, in a smoggy city for the rest of my life?

GT: Dirk you're practically a genius, I think that you can do a lot better for yourself.

TT: Doesn't get much better than you. Besides. What would I have to fill my days in your absence? A normal boyfriend who doesn't tote his tanning knife wherever he goes?

GT: You're exceptionally sweet to me.

TT: You're an exceptional person. You deserve exceptional affections. *He pulled into the driveway*

TT: Besides, life would be boring without you around. Frankly, I don't care where we are. As long as I have you to make it interesting.

GT: Come with me on an isolated island filled with blood thirst monsters and I can assure you that you'll never have a dull day as long as you live.

TT: The more I think about it, the more it sounds like a kickass idea.

GT: It does, doesn't it?

GT: Hey Dirk, did you hear that Jade is getting married in the summer?

TT: She is?

GT: Yeah you remember that short angry fellow, right?

TT: Yeah, the one who shouted every damn word he spoke?

GT: That would be the one, he finally made an honest women out of her.

TT: Huh. *He nodded thoughtfully* Good for her. *He glanced at Jake tentatively* Come on. Let's get inside

GT: Wait just uh, there was a reason I brought this up.

TT: *Dirk paused, glancing over at Jake again, afraid to allow himself to get his hopes up* Yeah?

TT: Did you want to go together?

GT: Well yes, but that isn'r what I was talking about I thought that since we've been together for a while and that we are at that age where everybody is getting married I thought that maybe we should take that next step together as well?

TT: *Dirk flushed a bit, glancing over at Jake* You know it isn't a matter of doing what everyone else is...right? You marry someone because you want to. Not because it seems like a good idea at the time *Regardless, he yearned to say yes*

GT: No, no! That isn't what I meant I love you Dirk, and I hope that you love me right back that's why I want to do this with you! I want to spend me life with you, maybe even have a family!

TT: Jake...*He chewed on his lower lip thoughtfully, before he broke out into a subdued grin* No shit.

TT: 'Course, I mean. Of course. Yeah, I'll. *He laughed, a sudden surge of giddiness rushing through him and he hit the steering wheel* Yeah, hell yeah, Jake.

TT: Of course I'll marry you. *He grinned, looking over to him*

GT: Yes? Yes! Oh my God, You scared me for a second there Strider! Don't do that, oh my good lord! My heart is beating so fast. I uh would have brought out a ring by now, but i'm still saving up my money to actually get it. I just got really excited and I couldn't wait to ask.

TT: You could give me a plastic ring and I wouldn't care *He beamed, taking Jake's hand*

GT: -Grips it right back and leans over to kiss him.-

TT: *He met him halfway, kissing him happily, twining their fingers together*

GT: -Tilts his head to one side and rests his other hand on the back of his neck.-

TT: *His other hand comes to rest on Jake's arm, pressing closer*

GT: -After a small make out session, he breaks the kiss and presses their foreheads together.-

TT: *He met Jake's gaze, holding it, eyes sparkling with joy* I love you. *He whispered*

GT: I love you too, I feel like a million bucks right now.

TT: Ditto *He laughed a bit, a hand coming up to cup Jake's face*

GT: I'll get you that ring Dirk, then it'll be a bit more offical.

TT: I couldn't care less about a ring, Jake. I have you. You're all I've ever wanted.

GT: I can't believe i'm the one saying this but this like watching a sappy romcom.

TT: You're right *He laughed a bit* Quick, do something unconventional.

GT: You didn't do the dishes this morning and I found a spider in one of the cups.

TT: His name is Alfred. He's a foreign exchange student from Germany.

GT: Alfred drowned in the left over orange juice.

TT: Damn, I liked Alfred.

GT: I never knew him, but he seemsed like a good spider.

TT: He will be missed.

GT: I'll bury him in the garbage can.

TT: In a lovely lot next to the empty milk carton and an expired Toblerone.

GT: He gets only the best.

TT: Only the best *He agreed*

GT: Want to go inside lovely?

TT: Of course *He smiled a bit*


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