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TT: -He gives the cigarette a little disgruntled look as Jake puffs out small cloud of smoke. He'd quit smoking over the years that Jake had been gone, and he didn't need to start doing it again- This isn't about fairness, English. It's about whether or not I'm willing to do it, and I am. You can't help that you're having nightmares, and I don't want you to just supress what happened to you until the nightmares stop. I want you to work through it and get better. And, Jane, Roxy, Dave, Rose, and John would all want you to get back to your old self at your own pace, too.

GT: -He finishes his cigarettes and flicks it out the window.- How about this, how about I stop asking for you opinion and do it my own way. If it crash and burns into ashes then i'll come crawling back to you like I usually do. -Grabs another cigarette and lights that one up too.- I just have different ways to dealing with this, it's been helping out just a little so far.

TT: -He looks away and rubs the back of his neck, understanding as soon as he heard his tone of voice that this wasn't the side of Jake that he wanted to be around- Yeah, man. Of course. Whatever you need to do, you can do. -He shakes his head a little and pads out of the kitchen, making a conscious effort to have his footfall be a little heavier, so Jake could hear them. He lets out a little soft sigh and walks past breakfast again, this time abandoning it for good as he walks into the bathroom and starts to strip down for a shower-

GT: -When he hears Dirk stomping away from him and then the shower turning on he finishes out the rest of his cigarette slowly and sits down on the couch taking a mental note of the untouched breakfast. He sits there for a little while cracking his knuckles, tapping his foot, trying to watch the rest of the movie from last night but he can't seem to stay still. He gets up and leaves the apartment and returns an hour later with a small bouquet of flowers setting them aside real quick to get dressed up all nice in the bedroom and quickly sits back down with the flowers in his lap. He felt bad about how he spoke to Dirk and he thought a nice date would make up for what he did and lift both of their spirits.-

TT: -When Jake returns to the apartment, Dirk is still in the shower. He was trying desperately to wipe all of the worries and hurt feelings from his mind. He doesn't want to stay mad at Jake, and he doesn't want to expect too much, but he can't help but miss the way things were before he left. It's a good 20 minutes after Jake sits down on the couch that Dirk gets out of the shower, pulls his hair back into a short pony tail, throws on some fresh clothes before he goes down and sees Jake. He gives him a little smile and walks over to him- What's all this for, honey? You know, if you're going to leave me, you probably shouldn't look so nice. -He chuckles and leans down, pressing a little kiss to the corner of his lips-

GT: Think of it as an 'i'm sorry for acting like such a jerk ball' gift, I think it's about time that I took my beloved boyfriend out for dinner just like I use to do every other week. We can go wherever you want and after that we can go to the park and lay down on the merry go round and watch the stars until we get sleepy. -He smiles when he feels the kiss on his face and holds up the flowers to him.- I got you these and I know there isn't a trace of lilies in here since I still remember it makes you break out in rashes when you so much as glance at them.

TT: You weren't a jerk ball, English. I understand why you acted the way that you did, and ultimately, how you get help is up to you. I'm just glad that you are getting help. -He takes the flowers and lifts them to his face, inhaling deeply- Thank you for keeping them out of the flowers, babe. I don't want to be all gross and itchy when we go and lay out under the stars and spin around until we're so dizzy we're going to puke.

GT: -He gave him a head nod and a toothy grin, standing up from his seat and taking a hold of one of his hands.- You know the only reason that's an occuring thing whenever we go to the merry go round is because you have to challenge me which one of us pukes last! You do know how to get me into the absolute worse situations with that reverse psychology of yours!


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