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short! braces!timaeusTestified [TT] joined chat.

golgothasTerror [GT] joined chat.

GT: Dirk! Dirk! Dirk! God iv'e been looking everywhere for you!!

TT: You have? What for?

GT: Okay now you know that concert that's suppose to be going down tomorrow night? The one where it has your favorite band playing?

TT: Uh, yeah, I know about it. Why do you bring it up?

GT: Well, I have two tickets to a perticular event would you like to guess where they're too??

TT: No fucking way.

TT: They're for that concert, aren't they.

GT: Oh. Uhm. No. They're for the senior center right next to it, it's bingo night.

GT: You need a ticket to get in there, did you know that?

TT: You're fucking with me now.

GT: I'm guessing you aren't much of a bingo player.

TT: Not exactly, no.

GT: Oh.

GT: Well it's a good thing that I was just kidding around with you!

GT: Although they are having a bingo night if you change your mind.

TT: I think I'm good.

GT: Then it looks like we're going to a concert instead.

TT: You seriously managed to buy those tickets? I checked the site a week ago and it said it was totally sold out.

GT: Yeah I got these from an old friend, had to some a few things to get them but it isn't a big deal.

TT: Dude, really, you're the fucking best. I can't believe this. I'm going to be paying you back somehow, I hope you realize.

GT: No, no you don't have to do that Dirk. I mean I just thought it would be a great why to hang out with my best friend!

GT: I wish I could have gotten two more tickets for the girls.

TT: I'm doing it, English, don't you try to stop me.

TT: And yeah, it's kind of a bummer that they can't come. But I know that Roxy doesn't care much for the band, anyway.

GT: Yeah plus Jane has just been super busy lately I thought it would be a good way for her to relax once in a while.

GT: But then again she might have to do something on that day and then we would have to find someone else on a short notice.

GT: So it's tomorrow night and I pray to God that you're allowed to go.

TT: Even if I'm not able to go I'll just sneak out anyway.

TT: There's no way I'm letting that go to waste.

GT: Are you sure that's a good idea? I don't want your brother getting angry with me.

GT: If you can't go I understand, it's not a problem if you aren't allowed to.

TT: He won't get mad at you, dude. It's all good.

TT: I want to go with you. Especially since you went through the trouble of getting the tickets.

GT: Yeah a week's worth of manual labor sure did the trick to get the guy to give them to me.

TT: You did labor work for them?

GT: Oh yes, it wasn't as bad but it's been rather cold out lately so my fingers and toes were hurting a little bit.

GT: My grandmother said it builds character!

TT: Jesus Christ, you really are the fucking greatest.

GT: Well at least you're appreciative.

TT: Of course I am. I don't see how I couldn't be after all that trouble.

GT: I don't know some people wouldn't really care about it, but it doesn't matter i'll pick you up at seven okay?

GT: I don't want us to be late.

TT: Yeah, sure, seven sounds okay.

TT: I'll be sure to be ready by then.

GT: Okay! Here's your ticket. -Pulls it out of his back pocket.-

TT: -You take the ticket gratefully and grin up at him with both brows raised.- If I didn't say it already, then thanks a lot, dude.

GT: I'm pretty sure you mentioned it, multiple times. Just don't feel like you have to pay me back, I don't want anything in return.

TT: I don't feel obligated to pay you back. I want to do something or give you something in return, but /only/ because I want to.

GT: LA! LA! LA! I can't hear you! What? You aren't going to do anything? Just be satisisfied? Okay! I'll see you tomorrow night Dirk!

TT: Jake! -You huff at him and cross your arms.- You mother fucker.

GT: Bye Dirk!!! -Time skip to the next night with Jake beeping at the horn.-

TT: -You hear the horn of Jake's car and quickly shove both your keys and your wallet into your pocket. You had told Dave that you were only going to Jake's house and probably won't be back until tomorrow, to whcih he simply shrugged and went back to watching television. As you rush out the door, you grin and slip into Jake's car.- Hey.

GT: Hey! You have everything you need right? It's about an hours drive and it would be horrible if you forgot whatever, so double check right now before we hit the highway.

TT: Right, right. -You pat your pocket for your keys, and take out your wallet to make sure your ticket and the appropriate amount of money was still there before nodding.- I'm all good, no worries

GT: Then it looks like we're ready to go! -He pulls out of Dirk's driveway and notices that Dave's car is there.- You got the okay right?

TT: -You hum at that and grin almost mischievously.- 'Course I did.

GT: Better be you little devil! -Smiling at him he goes out onto the main highway and they are now on their way.-

TT: Yeah, yeah. -You huff in amusement and sit back, practically buzzing in your seat as Jake entered the highway off to the next few cities over.-

GT: You seem pretty estatic about the how ordeal, try not to make a mess in your trousers.

TT: No promises.

GT: Good thing I didn't tell you about the back stage passes.

TT: Are you fucking shitting me?!

GT: I think you're going to be shitting yourself!

TT: If you weren't driving right now I'd fucking snog the shit out of you, holy fucking shit, English.

GT: Woah, I didn't know that a backstage pass was a direct hit trip to your lips!

TT: Dude, it's totally a direct hit trip to a lot of things, but that's the most tame.

GT: Do I want to know where the other trips lead? Or am I better off with out knowing.

TT: I'm sure you could take a few fair guesses at 'em.

GT: I can only think of one at the moment.

TT: That being?

GT: Your pants based on what I hear in school.

TT: Basically.

GT: Well I won't take advantage of you like that Dirk.

TT: It wouldn't really be taking advantage of me, dude.

GT: Yes it would, you don't want to do those kinds of things with me.

TT: Why wouldn't I?

GT: I don't know don't you have a lot of other guys on your radar?

TT: I guess so, but I don't seriously like any of them.

GT: And what, do you seriously like me?

TT: Well, yeah. I thought that would have been at least a little obvious.

GT: Oh. Well I just caught some mixed signals is all.

TT: Ah, well. Now you know what's up.


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